Fast time to yes

You will be surprised how quick we are!

Guess what! For majority of customers It will take no longer that 3 min to get decision on your application. You won´t finish your cup of tea yet and the good goes home with you!

Pay back loan is comfortable for you

We provide different payment channels in aim to provide you flexibility to choose from.

As for the POS Loan you can choose from 4 different payment channels. You can enjoy Direct Debit Service, bank account transfer (e-banking, phone-banking, ATM, counter transfer),use lakala terminal or provide cash over bank counter in PSBC. Just choose what you like the most.

Verification of your identity

As a responsible service provider we check and verify your identity first!

Taking loan is a responsibility. To ensure no risk for you we verify your identity and evaluate you to make sure you have a loan you can easily repay. Just provide us your ID and second proof document!

Minimum 15 days of free trial

Have you reconsidered your contract signing? No worries – we can roll it back! 

Changed your mind and would like to cancel the contract. You can do it within first 15 days without paying any additional fees or interest!

Clear Loan Documentation and Price List

Our loan documentation is very clear, prices are transparent!

When signing loan documentation you will always see all the details of your loan – interest rate, monthly installment size, term. Nothing is hidden from you. We guarantee that when buying a good with our loan nothing surprises you later!

Reminder on time

Reminding service is here to bring you more safety!

As a responsible partner of yours we will remind you in advance when the payment date is coming so that you have enough time to repay before any penalty or bad credit record.

Full access to your loan information

We provide loan information through 3 different channels.

We don´t leave you alone with your loan. Check your loan details through our APP, Customer Portal or customer service line.

Call service for 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

You can call us anytime as we are here for you from sunrise till sun-set!

We are here for you 7 days 24 hours! If you call us between 9am -10:30 pm, you can talk to our call service staffs who are glad to help you. This only doesn´t apply during public holidays as we want to give some rest to our hardworking staff. For the rest of time we us our IVR system to support you.

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Our loans start from as low as 0% overpayment

Take a loan without any overpayment? Kidding? No, it is possible with us!

We have plenty of loans for different needs of customer. For some products we provide 0% overpayment! Isn´t it great? Just check our loan options and try us!