Customer Stories

Air Conditioner, Sichuan

Mr. Ma (33), used ¥3,000 to buy two air conditioners. “Actually, I could make one-off payment for both, however, I got interested in HC product thanks to detailed introduction by their sales agent."

In July 2004 Mr. Ma applied to Home Credit for a RMB3,000 loan and used it to buy two air conditioners. Mr. Ma is a 33 years old driver and he works at Shi Ling Exhibition Mall in Chengdu. “My parents were planning to come to Chengdu to stay with me for a while. It was summer. It would be hard for them to endure the hot and humid weather. So I decided to buy the air conditioners before my parents arrived.”It was his first time to use the consumer finance product. When asked why he wanted to take out a loan from Home Credit, he said, “Actually, I could make a one-off payment for the two air conditioners, however, I got interested in Home Credit’s product thanks to the detailed introduction by their sales agent. This kind of installment loan is a novelty. Besides I can apply for early repayment. So I decided to have a try. “Mr. Ma is willing to recommend this kind of service to his friends, “The monthly payment is not much. Besides, the loan can be applied for on the spot and can be used to buy a specific item. We the young people are rather happy to try it.” “Home Credit has professional staff. They explain everything clearly, from the loan amount to the early repayment procedure.”

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