Customer Stories

Electric Bike, Zhejiang

Mr Ye applied for a ¥3000 installment loan for electric bike helping him commute. It saved him money for daily expenses."Having no credit card, I find HC installment payment service very convenient"

In March 2014, Mr. Ye applied to Home Credit for a RMB3000 installment loan and used it buy an electric bike. Mr. Ye works for an information technology company in Quzhou, Zhejiang and he wanted to buy an electric bike to help with the commute for a long time. He came across an advertisement at a store by coincidence, which says that customers can buy electric bikes by making payments in installments. To Mr. Ye who just started working back then, this was a great deal. Besides, he could save a lot of money to cover his daily expenses. So after the Home Credit sales agent introduced the product, Mr. Ye quickly made his first ever application for a consumer loan and bought himself a new electric bike.  A couple of months later, Mr. Ye thought the electric bike is very helpful and the service is equally convenient. So he bought another electric bike for his family. Mr. Ye said, “I don’t have a credit card. This is the first time I have used a consumer loan. I feel that Home Credit’s installment payment service is very convenient. Their sales agents explain everything clearly. I just need to pay back a few hundred yuan each month and I feel no pressure at all. I learned that Home Credit provides cash loans to those customers who repay well. I would like to apply for this product too to improve my living standards.” Regarding the question whether he will recommend Home Credit’s installment payment service to his friends, Mr. Ye replied that he likes to do so very much.

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