Customer Stories

Electric bike, E'zhou (Hubei)

Mr. Zheng (32), a self-employed in E’zhou, took ¥2700 HC loan buying electric bike for customer goods delivery. “The payments are spread over 15 months. I just need to pay ¥200/month. No pressure!”

In Jan 2015 Mr. Zheng took out a RMB 2700 loan from Home Credit and used it buy an electric bike. Mr. Zheng, 32 years old, is a self-employed business owner in E’zhou city Hubei province. It is the third time he has used a consumer loan. After the sales agent explained the application procedure and pointed out things for his attention, Mr. Zheng answered that he is already very familiar with Home Credit’s service.  “The loan payments are spread over 15 months. I just need to pay a little over RMB200 each month. No pressure!”  Having the repayment pressure spread over a period is what Mr. Zheng cares about most. It is a little bit difficult for him to afford a lump sum payment without much cash at hand. Besides, he is not willing to borrow from friends. HCC’s products meet his needs precisely. “To me the interest is no big deal, just like a lost trip.”

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