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Laptop computer, Guangdong

Mr. Gong , technician, applied for a consumer loan of ¥3,000 via HC purchasing Lenovo laptop to get the Senior Technician Certificate."It's my fifth time, my application was approved in 30 min!"

On Sep 13 2014, Mr. Gong applied for a consumer loan of RMB 3,000 via Home Credit’s service to purchase a Lenovo laptop at a retail store in Guangzhou Economic Development Zone. It is the fifth time that Mr. Gong has used Home Credit’s consumer loan product. He is a technician from Donghai Rubber Plastic (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. His original purpose for buying the laptop is to watch vocational training programs online, which would make it easier for him to get the Senior Technician Certificate. “Home Credit’s sales agents were very friendly. They explained in detail the Terms & Conditions and the Borrower Acknowledgement Letter before I signed the contract. My application was approved in less than 30 minutes. It’s very convenient. Besides, I needn’t make a one-off payment. I had the loan contract in hand and felt reassured. I could call their Customer Service if I had any question. Now I have the Senior Technician Certificate and earn a couple of hundred yuan more per month. The loan is totally affordable. I have applied for their loan several times already,” Mr. Gong said. He also recommended Home Credit’s service to several workmates, which enabled them to use quality laptops and mobiles phones. They remitted the money they had saved back home. Some of them found a better apartment near the Economic Development Zone and got married. These are the changes Home Credit has brought to their lives.

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